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Treat yourself to pleasant moments of healthy relaxation thanks to the services offered in our Beauty & Spa area. The wellness package, with exclusive access, features a chromotherapy shower, sauna, hot tub and a warm water bed, in a high concentration of iodine thanks to the Himalayan salt wall, accompanied by infusions. Let yourself be overwhelmed by the relaxing atmosphere! In the beauty center you can enjoy massages, in addition to body and face treatments that will allow you to feel a rich experience of health and emotions. Services are available only upon reservation also to non-hotel guests and you can request information and book directly at hotel contacts.

Opening hours: every day (except Tuesday) from 9am to 7pm.



The wellness package provides exclusive access to the spa area for up to 4 people, for a maximum duration of 2 hours, with an air-conditioned environment and equipped with all comforts.

It costs € 30,00 per person and consists of:

- Finnish sauna, which has extraordinary capacity for relaxation and detoxification and has positive influences on the mind and body. Nothing is more effective for relieving nervous tension and quelling anxiety, because the sauna stimulates the natural rebalancing of psychophysical conditions. The skin is purified and the perspiration eliminates acids and toxins;

- Jacuzzi, which will have the ability to dissolve stress and muscle tension from the body. Thanks to the gaseous bubbles that, in contact with the skin, cause a natural micromassage that stimulates circulation and gives a pleasant sensation of relaxation;

- chromotherapy shower, with colors and light tones that radiate towards a specific part of the body, transmitting the vibrations that bring the energies back into balance;

- wall to Himalayan salt which, by iodizing the environment, brings benefits at respiratory, dermatological and stress level;

- heated water bed, which gives an immediate feeling of well-being both to the body and the mind, thanks to the combination of water and light that represent two natural elements of great emotional impact;

- tisaneria, with different variations of your choice, to complete the itinerary.


Access to children under 18 and the use of creams of any type, unless previously authorized.



  • Giordano Lissage: The ritual begins with the purification of the skin thanks to the exfoliating action of the Dead Sea salt crystals. A cuddle that promotes muscle relaxation and drainage of the body, remineralizes and nourishes the skin.
  • Savonage Berbero: The delicate and refined perfume of orange flowers recalls the oriental atmosphere of the Moroccan hammam. A gesture of love with Argan oil, Rassoul and black soap envelop the body for a soft, supple and luminous skin.
  • Roman Gommage: Honey is the protagonist of this enveloping ritual. The pneumo-massage performed with the golden fluid is a panacea for the microcirculation and therefore for the oxygenation of the tissues.


For our Beauty & Spa, we exclusively use BEAUTECH products.




  • Relax: Restores tone and vigor to the muscles and restores an exact posture on the whole joint system. During the massage, the body and mind enter a state of relaxation, dissolving the anxieties and tensions of everyday life. Other advantages of the relaxation massage that can be obtained are: decreased muscle tension, helps blood circulation and drainage of toxins responsible for the exaggerated increase in muscle tone. Rates per person: 30 minutes € 35.00 - 50 minutes € 50.00.


  • Hot Stone: The Hot Stone massage helps to loosen muscle stiffness, improve joint mobility and relieve spine tension, the main cause of painful and disabling back pain. It relieves lymphatic deposits, improves fluid retention and positively affects arterial circulation, as well as improving venous return. It helps detoxify the body, also unlocking metabolic exchanges. It also has aesthetic effects as it smoothes and relaxes the skin. Not to mention the benefits on mood and well-being of the spirit, which too often tend to be overlooked by the body. The Hot Stone technique provides a general feeling of well-being and relaxation, and an increase in sensitivity towards people and the world. Moreover, it helps to acquire a greater awareness of one's body. Rates per person: 30 minutes € 40.00 - 50 minutes € 55.00.


  • Candles: The candle massage is designed for all those people who need to relax the body but also the spirit and the psyche, it is a very involving massage, which can also be carried out in pairs. the desire to experience a new sensation of well-being, due to the very gentle and invigorating massage at the same time, combined with the pleasant sensation of warmth of the melted butter of the candle. remains over time. Rates per person: 30 minutes € 45.00 - 50 minutes € 60.00.


  • Back & Neck: Neck massage is a great way to relieve tension. Especially since we often take positions for long periods of time, like sitting in front of a desk or in the car, which leads us to suffer from neck and shoulder pains. Sometimes, especially if the posture is incorrect, the back also suffers. Furthermore, if we do not practice any physical activity, the consequences are inevitable. Rates per person: 30 minutes € 25.00.


  • Lymphatic drainage: An effective and correctly performed lymphatic drainage massage favors the drainage of lymphatic fluids accumulated in specific areas of the body. In other words, the main benefit that a lymphatic drainage massage should provide is the elimination, or at least the reduction, of lymph stagnation and the alleviation of the symptoms or disorders that may follow. In particular, the lymphatic drainage massage is useful to counteract the swelling and edema that typically occur when the lymphatic circulation is not optimal. Rates per person: 30 minutes € 40.00.



Hair removal tariff:
eyebrows: € 4.00
waxing mustache: € 4.00
waxing groin: € 10.00
waxing armpits: € 8.00
total waxing: € 25.00

Other beauty treatments:
Maquillage (make up / make-up): € 20.00
Manicure: € 15.00
Aesthetic pedicure: € 20.00
Change of polish: € 5.00