spa services

Enjoy pleasant moments of healthy relaxation thanks to the services offered in our SaleMarino SPA.

The wellness package includes a sauna, emotional shower, whirlpool bath, Turkish bath, heated water bed, in a high concentration of iodine thanks to the wall of Himalayan salt, accompanied by top quality infusions. Let yourself be overwhelmed by the relaxing atmosphere!

Available by reservation only, also online on the SaleMarino SPA website.

Opening hours: every day (except Sunday) from 9 to 19.



Our SPA access includes exclusive access to the SPA for 90 minutes up to a maximum of 4 people, with an air-conditioned environment equipped with all comforts.

It costs € 60.00 per person and consists of:

  • Finnish sauna, which possesses extraordinary relaxation and detoxification abilities and has positive influences on the mind and body. Nothing is more effective for relieving nervous tension and calming anxiety, because the sauna stimulates the natural rebalancing of psychophysical conditions. The skin is purified and with sweating acids and toxins are eliminated;
  • Hot tub, which will have the ability to release stress and muscle tension from the body. This is thanks to the gaseous bubbles which in contact with the skin cause a natural micro-massage capable of stimulating circulation and giving a pleasant sensation of relaxation;
  • Shower with chromotherapy, with the colors and tones of light that radiate towards a specific part of the body, transmitting the vibrations that bring the energies back into balance;
  • Himalayan salt wall which, by iodizing the environment, brings respiratory, dermatological and stress-relieving benefits;
  • Heated water bed, which gives an immediate feeling of well-being to both body and mind, thanks to the union of water and light which represent two natural elements of great emotional impact.
  • Herbal tea, with different variants of your choice, to conclude the journey.

Reservations are required Access to minors under the age of 18 and the use of any type of creams are prohibited, unless previously authorized. Bathrobe and flip-flops kit included.





 ✦RELAX: Restores tone and vigor to the muscles and restores an exact posture to the entire joint system. During the massage, the body and mind enter a state of relaxation, dissolving the anxieties and tensions of everyday life. Other advantages of the relaxation massage that can be obtained are: the decrease in muscle tension, helps blood circulation and the drainage of toxins responsible for the exaggerated increase in muscle tone.

Rates per person: 30 minutes € 35.00 - 50 minutes € 55.00


    ✦ DECONTRACTING: Neck massage is a great way to relieve tension. Especially since we often assume positions for long periods of time, such as sitting in front of a desk or in the car, which lead us to suffer from neck and shoulder pain. Sometimes, especially if the posture is incorrect, the back also suffers. Furthermore, if we do not engage in any physical activity, the consequences are inevitable.

Rates per person: 30 minutes € 50.00 - 50 minutes € 70.00


    ✦ CANDLES: The candle massage is designed for all those people who need to relax the body but also the spirit and the psyche, it is a very engaging massage, which can also be performed as a couple. At the end of the treatment, the skin is velvety and hydrated and the relaxing and anti-stress effect lasts over time.

Rates per person: 30 minutes € 50.00 - 50 minutes € 70.00


    ✦ HOT STONE: The Hot Stone massage helps to dissolve muscle stiffness, improve joint mobility and relieve tension in the spine, the main cause of painful and disabling back pain. Decongest lymphatic deposits, improve fluid retention and positively affect arterial circulation, as well as improve venous return.The Hot Stone technique provides a general feeling of well-being and relaxation, and an increase in sensitivity towards people and the world . Furthermore, it contributes to gaining a greater awareness of one's body.

Rates per person: 50 minutes € 70.00


    ✦ BAMBOO: According to the ancient Chinese, bamboo canes were able to circulate energy within them and could therefore be used to absorb excess energy and restore the energy balance of an individual's body. Today, bamboo canes are also used in the West for massages that can release both muscles and mind from tension. To dissolve the contractions, bamboo canes of different diameters are rolled and tapped on the body, thus stimulating the senses and the epidermis. This massage is, therefore, particularly suitable after sports and to combat cellulite as it stimulates the lymphatic flow. Relaxing and giving a feeling of well-being.

Rates per person: 30 minutes € 45.00 - 50 minutes € 65.00


    ✦ VAGHEGGI LIGNUM MASSAGE: Carried out with specific wooden tools, with a remodeling, toning and draining effect. Works on localized fat and abdominal swelling.

Rates per person: 50 minutes €70.00


    ✦ LOMI LOMI: The lomi lomi massage is a holistic massage, which involves the person as a whole, soul, mind and body. Lomi lomi in Hawaiian means to massage, precisely to form waves. Its origin is very ancient, it draws inspiration from the ka huna massage, a rhythmic massage style typical of Hawaii that allows you to massage the entire body with a single movement. Hawaiian massage is not just a mere form of aesthetic or physical well-being. The value of ka huna, as massage was once called, was very important in the past, so much so that it coincided with a ritual that marked the passage to a new phase of life, leading man to true self-awareness, physical maturity and spiritual.

Rates per person: 30 minutes € 40.00 - 50 minutes € 60.00



Rates per person 50 minutes € 50.00


    ✦ IRRITUAL WITH ESSENTIAL OILS: Massage with essential oils, also known as aroma-massage, benefits the body and mind. In aromatherapy, the therapeutic approach can be used in treatment, prevention and as a health adjuvant. Even modern neuro-physiological and pharmacognosical studies ensure that the use of essential oils in relation to the vital energy points of traditional Indian, Chinese and Japanese physiology allow the activation of self-regulation systems (homeostatic balance) with excellent positive results.

Rates per person: 30 minutes € 45.00 - 50 minutes € 65.00




  • Hydra-Age (with goji berries - For dry or mature skin): The exotic goji fruit for over 3000 years is considered a source of energy and vitality! Its berries, rich and nutritious, offer a strong protective action to the connective tissue of the skin, thus carrying out an effective anti-aging and moisturizing action.
  • Soothing (Blackcurrant - For sensitive skin): Blackcurrant has a strong moisturizing, protective and calming power. Counteracts inflammation and increases the tolerability threshold of the dermis, reducing reactivity to environmental factors.
  • Purifying (Alla laminaria saccharin - For oily skin): Laminaria seaweed reduces excessive sebum production and inflammatory outcomes due to bacterial processes, offering a particular "effomat" ideal for this type of skin.
  • Hyanuronic Acid: Rich in antioxidant and catalytic substances able to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, favoring the relaxation of wrinkles, thus guaranteeing nourished, smooth and luminous skin.
  • Lift Ageless (Perfection Functional filler): Thanks to the synergy between the anti-age action of the powerful extracts derived from plant biotechnologies and the perfecting action of functional-fillers microtechnology, this treatment helps fight the signs of skin aging revealing a complexion more homogeneous and fresh.
  • Bio-Revitàl: A cocktail of functional substances such as snailin (snail slime) and melatonin, effectively counteracts the effects of time or by promoting proper cell turnover and skin well-being.
  • Reveilsublime (Acid Sinergy Formula): Glycolic acid is the smallest and well tolerated among alpha-hydroxy acids and is able to penetrate deep into the skin. It eliminates small wrinkles and attenuates the deep ones, reduces skin spots, regulates sebum production and reduces acne and thickened skin imperfections.
  • Omnia Vanitas: A luxurious anti-stress anti-time facial ritual. A cocktail of precious substances: filling and nourishing amber, platinum remineralizing tensor effect, white lightening pearl, anti-stain illuminating.