your stay

in safety

It's nice to know that you are thinking of spending a few relaxing days in Castellammare del Golfo.

We will do everything possible to make your stay unforgettable!

The safety and health of both our guests and our staff has always been a priority for all of us.

Today more than ever, our care is constant so that your holiday is safe and you can feel secure at all times.

Here are some precautions that we have adopted to guarantee all the safety and peace you need.

Clean and disinfected environments

every day

Hygiene and cleanliness, both in the rooms and in all the common areas, have always been the most important thing for us.

Today we pay even more attention to these aspects and, following the directives provided by the regional and national protocols, on the basis of the guidelines of the World Health Organization, we have implemented new safe procedures and protocols to ensure rigorous standards of cleanliness, sanitation and hygiene .

Every day the rooms are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected with PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS classified as P.M.C. (Medical-Surgical Devices) or products that contain disinfectants, germicides and bactericides.

In addition, at each departure the rooms are completely sanitized with an OZONE machine, to ensure the next Guest a 100% sanitized and safe environment.

We constantly aerate all common areas which are cleaned and sanitized several times a day, with particular attention to all surfaces with the greatest contact.

Hygiene and sanitation come first.

start the day

to the best


Our buffet breakfast is served on a panoramic terrace, with international food and some elements linked to the Sicilian culinary tradition.

Artisan products, both sweet and savoury, carefully prepared to start the day off right.

Our staff is prepared for any allergies or intolerances. and we participate in the eating out program of the Italian Celiac Association.

We only ask you to notify us at the time of booking, or at check-in.

Finally, Illy coffee has always been our first choice. Try it!

safe water


Water is a fundamental commodity, and as such it must be treated.

For the hygiene and health of our guests, we have installed:

  • reverse osmosis system
  • chlorine dioxide producer

In this way, we can provide 100% germ-free, clean, drinking water. Your safety, first of all!



We consider continuous training as a fundamental element for the growth of our staff.

Every year, we try to improve our service with updates and news.

All our commitment, for the quality of each stay.